FALL 2024

An empowering masterclass tailored for female entrepreneurs seeking business growth, emphasizing the mantra of PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.

From September 4th to November 25th, immerse yourself in a once-a-week virtual learning experience beyond the basics, equipping you with the tools and strategies to drive substantial growth.

Systems and Strategies Mastery: Develop a robust business framework for sustainable growth.

Marketing Excellence: Craft compelling campaigns with our Marketing Calendar Template. Optimize your product and service pricing with our templates.

Efficient Processes: Streamline your operations using our Custom Dashboard and Airtable templates.

Meet Your Educator


Hi, I’m Carlyn!

I've worn many hats in my journey – from a corporate executive to a hands-on small business owner. My experiences have given me a profound understanding of the intricacies of initiating and managing a business.

I'm on a mission to share this wealth of knowledge with the vibrant community of small to medium-sized women-owned businesses. My goal is simple but impactful: to accelerate your growth and help you build reliable, sustainable revenue streams.

Invest in Your Business Growth

Course Investment: $3,999

Gain exclusive access to practical tools designed for your success. From custom dashboard templates to Airtable templates, streamline your operations and enhance efficiency.

The course begins on September 4th (Wednesday) and concludes on November 23rd (Monday).

Class starts at 9a MST every Wednesday for 75 minutes, with the only exception on the final day, ending on a Monday.


Uncover the secrets of successful business systems and strategies that propel your growth. Navigate through the complexities and discover a roadmap for sustainable success.


Dive deep into the world of effective marketing. Our expert-led sessions will equip you with a marketing calendar template, ensuring your promotional efforts are strategic and impactful.


Build a reliable, repeatable sales funnel that converts leads into loyal customers. Learn the art of directing your energy toward the most impactful areas for business growth.

Break free from perfectionism and build a dynamic team. Learn strategies to delegate, empower, and create a collaborative environment that fosters growth.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and support.

Energy Direction

Learn to direct your energy towards the most impactful areas of your business. Identify and prioritize tasks that drive real results, ensuring your efforts are aligned with your goals.

Foundation Building

Establish a robust foundation for your business. Learn essential systems and strategies to create a solid framework for growth.

Is This Course for You?

Perfect for Those Facing:

  • Challenges in Systems and Strategy

  • Marketing, Systems, Processes

  • Building a Reliable, Repeatable Sales Funnel

  • Directing Energy Effectively

  • Overcoming Sales and Marketing Hurdles

  • Seeking Visibility and Social Media Outsourcing

  • Scaling and Streamlining Marketing Efforts

  • Overcoming Perfectionism and Building a Team


Q: When does the course start, and how long does it run?

A: The course begins on April 3rd (Wednesday) and concludes on June 24th (Monday). Class is every Wednesday for 75 minutes, with the only exception on the final day, ending on a Monday.

It spans a total of 12 weeks, offering a comprehensive learning experience.

Q: What time of day does each class start?

A: Each class will start at 9a MST and last 75 minutes.

Q: Is there ongoing support after completing the course?

A: Yes, participants will have access to a post-course support network, providing continued guidance and resources.

Q: Can I enroll if I have specific pain points in my business?

A: Absolutely! POP Business Academy is designed to address various pain points, including systems and strategy, marketing challenges, building reliable sales funnels, and more.

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