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5-Day Virtual Workshop:

Your Strategic Growth Blueprint

Are you ready to elevate your product-based business to new heights?

Join us for an exclusive, free, 5-day virtual workshop for women-owned entrepreneurs passionate about taking their product businesses to the next level.

Day 1:



On the first day, we will dedicate time to reflect on our strategic goals and align our priorities. We'll craft an Ideal Week that suits our company's objectives, and we'll introduce the POP Digital Planner as a valuable resource to complement the workbook. Additionally, we'll facilitate a Q&A session to address any concerns and prevent overwhelming tasks for the week.

Day 2:

Financial Insight and Growth

During the second day, we will focus on gaining financial insight and planning for growth. We'll schedule regular reviews of a Simple Dashboard/Financials in our calendar. We'll delve into a detailed analysis of our business's performance by comparing 2023 and 2024, building a dashboard highlighting the growth percentage. Advanced Dashboards in the POP BIZ Academy will provide customized insights to propel our business advancement.

Day 3:

Strategic Marketing Planning

On the third day, our focus will be on strategic marketing planning. We will allocate time to block specific periods in our calendar according to the ideal week, allowing us to effectively brainstorm and plan our marketing calendar and launches. This day will be dedicated to refining and enhancing our marketing strategies to ensure a cohesive and impactful approach.

Day 4:


Wholesale Expansion

Day four is dedicated to a comprehensive exploration of wholesale expansion. Our team will delve into in-depth discussions about wholesale strategies, drawing insights from the POP BIZ Academy. The goal is to refine our wholesale approach and identify strategic expansion opportunities. This session will involve active participation and collaborative efforts to optimize our wholesale initiatives.

Day 5:

Creating Your

Growth Plan

During the final day, we will integrate various aspects of our business. We'll engage in a session about putting together the POP Playbook, incorporating a Q&A for clarity. CEO time will be allocated for high-level discussions and decision-making. Additionally, we'll focus on building and reviewing our dashboard for a comprehensive overview. We will address marketing strategies, especially during slow months and product launches. We'll determine product lines for wholesale expansion and set revenue goals.

Time: 12 pm MST

Date: August 12th - August 16th

Duration: 60 minutes per day

Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting


Shlesha P.

"What really stood out to me about Carlyn is that she took the time to understand my business, my roadblocks, and how to best support me rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions.

She actually cares, and it shows. Oh, and Carlyn is super knowledgeable! I enjoyed every bit of my time spent with her. She's a wonderful entrepreneur who has a passion for what she does (it shows!). Her energy is impressive, and I'm excited to chat more with her in the future."

Lara M.

"I just had the most transformative session with Carlyn. She held space for me to get really honest, nurtured me through creating actionable steps I could implement immediately to help my financial bottom line (ps. I have already done some of them and I just got off the call), and did wonders for my confidence. Here true passion for supporting business minded women is absolutely exuding. I highly recommend reaching out to her for a consultation call at minimum to see she can empower you to achieve those Most Important Business Goals."


I'm Carlyn, a dedicated mom, a loving wife, and a perpetual learner.

I've worn many hats in my journey – from a corporate executive to a hands-on small business owner.

My experiences have given me a profound understanding of the intricacies of initiating and managing a business.

Now, I'm on a mission to share this wealth of knowledge with the vibrant community of small to medium-sized women-owned businesses.

My goal is simple but impactful: to accelerate your growth and help you build reliable, sustainable revenue streams.

Carlyn Bushman


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